Since day one our customer has been our number one priority.

Our technical support team is always here to answer all your questions correctly and efficiently.

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As technology continues to advance so do our control boards but unlike our competitors we don’t increase our prices any time we make an improvement.  We are proud to say that our control boards are backwards compatible which means you may take our newest top of the line board and use it in a twenty year old operator.  Also, our gate operators are constantly monitored and evaluated in the field to ensure the optimal performance.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE CALLING ALL-O-MATIC: All-O-Matic is a manufacturer of gate automation devices, All-O-Matic does not do repair or service work. However, if you need an operator installer or service technician we would be more than happy to refer you to one of our many distributors who can help you choose the right service technician in your area.

Safety is what is important

A number of web sites are advertising our products for sale, but this is a product that should not be sold on the “World Wide Web “for safety reasons.

Gate operators are not easy to install and if not installed correctly they can cause serious injuries. Installations must follow UL-325 guidelines. There is no room for cutting corners and only a knowledgeable gate installer should attempt the installation of a gate operator. Only an authorized dealer can follow-up on warranty issues and/or get technical support for our products. We offer no warranty or product support for All-O-Matic merchandise that is acquired through the internet. Safety is always our greatest priority, as it should be with any mechanical item, you have to know what you are doing to create a safe installation with long term stability.

The reasonable choice when investing in a gate operator is to leave the installation and service in the hands of qualified gate operator installer. Please do not try to install our operators on you own. Instaling a gate operator is not a weekend project, it is something that will only get you into trouble and potentially jeopardize your safety.

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