APS-1000-12 Power Inverter

A pure sine wave inverter that provides uninterrupted AC power for up to two ½ HP gate operators and their access control accessories in case of a power failure.

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APS-1000-12 Power Inverter Specs

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Input Wave Form:Sine Wave (Utility or Generator)
Nonimal Voltage:120VAC
Low Voltage Trip:85V±4%
Low Voltage re activate:95V±4%
High Voltage Trip:140V±4%
High Voltage re activate:135V±4%
Max Input AC Voltage:150V
Nominal Input Frequency:50Hz or 60Hz (Auto detect)
Low Freq Trip:40Hz for 50Hz and 50Hz for 60Hz
High Freq Trip: 55Hz for 50 Hz and 65Hz for 60Hz
Output Wave Form: (inverter mode) Same as Input
Overload Protection:Circuit Breaker
Short Circuit ProtectionCircuit Breaker
Transfer Relay Rating:30amp
Efficiency on Inverter Mode:0.95
Input to Inverter Switch Time:10ms Typical
Bypass without battery connected:Yes
Max bypass current:30amp
Bypass over load current:35amp
Inverter Specification Output
Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
Output Continuous power Watts:1000
Output Continuous power VA:1000
Power Factor:0.9
Nominal Output Voltage RMS:120VAC
Output Voltage Regulation:±10% RMS
Output Frequency:50Hz ± 0.3Hz or 60Hz ± 0.3
Nominal Efficiency:>85%
Surge Rating:3000Watts
Short Circuit Protection:Yes, Fault after 10 secs
Inverter Specification Input Low Voltage
Nominal Input Voltage:12VDC
Minimum Start Voltage:10VDC
Low Battery Alarm:10.5VDC
Low Battery Trip:10VDC
High Voltage Alarm:16VDC
Power Saver: Below 25 Watts when enabled
Power Saver: Same Switched on/off on remote
Charger Mode Specification
Input Voltage Range:85-140VAC
Output Volgage:15V Max
Charger Current:15Amps
Battery Initial Voltage for Startup:10-15.7V
Over Charge Protection Shutdown:15.7V
Charger Curve (4 stage constant current)
4 step digital controlled progressive charge
Battery Type:Fast VFloat V
Gel U.S.A.1413.7
A.G.M. 114.113.4
A.G.M. 214.613.7
Sealed Lead Acid14.413.6
Open Lead Acid14.813.3
Weight:36Lbs (16Kg)